Frenchman Lake Fishing Report

Fishing continues to be good here for both bait and fly anglers alike, though the tiger trout seem to prefer small spinners or flies.

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Thank You to all of my fantastic clients that came on board at Eagle Lake this year. The upper Black River is closed from its confluence with Bonito Creek upstream to the Reservation In lower elevation streams try nightcrawlers or jigs for smallmouth bass. Rebecca Guereque at Bucks Lake Lodge. Underwater unhooking and release is preferred. The wind blew and we were cold.

During the shut down I have continued to monitor the conditions and the fish so that when things do open back up we will be right back on it. Friday preceding Memorial Day and Oct.

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Fly and light tackle fishing vacations tailored to challenge your imagination. How did things progress so quickly? Fishing should pick up on the river. Guided Fall Steelhead Fishing Trips for Michi.

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