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Behavioural and psychological symptoms are related to dementia and, in some instances, may be a response to unsuitable care approaches or environmental stimuli.

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The individual with dementia needs to act quickly in order to ensure that he or she can participate fully and clearly express wishes in the planning. These steps help the patient maintain dignity and lead to familiar socialization of the patient. If they have a choice, have they been given information on all the alternatives?

Because of the extended time frame of dementia, however, the standard advance care directive applied to managing negative outcomes of disease is often left unconsidered as long as the patient still has cognition.

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These align closely with all of the guidance and strategic priorities found in preceding publications and hence allows providers to create a matrix around which to fit their dementia strategies.

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If needing to change a stove top kettle because it is becoming unsafe to use, consider the design of an automatic kettle before purchasing as it may be difficult for the person to learn how to use.

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Attempts at phased changes and taster sessions with different activities or services will allow the person to maintain autonomy, with what support feels right for them.

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Observe and discuss with the person the way they perform activities and tasks around the house. Healthcare policy is crucial to support healthcare providers in having the knowledge and confidence to raise ACP discussions regularly during routine clinical interactions.

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You, your caregivers, and your health care team should create a care plan together that reflects your needs, concerns, and preferences.

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