Strange Acts of God at Living Faith Church, Sapele, Delta State. Nigeria.

The Liberation mandate is still speaking, men and women are breaking forth on every front and without any fear of contradiction, we make bold to declare that every month is a harvest of testimonies in Living Faith Church, Crudas Road, Sapele. If you have a testimony, please share it with us at
Below are Few Documented Testimonies:

Delivered from miscarriage and delay in Pregnancy

I want to appreciate the God of this commission, who has put smile on my face. I have been believing God for the past five years for the fruit of the womb after our first baby. All medical efforts were to no avail but when the Resident Pastor prophesied that 250 babies shall be delivered and all the barren women will get conceived, things changed immediately (I claimed it and started praying towards it). Before now, anytime I conceived, I lose the pregnancy for no reason.

During a previous edition of 21 days fasting and prayer, my husband and I were fully involved for God's intervention. Behold, in the month of February, I realized I was pregnant. The enemy tried all means to terminate the pregnancy but our infinite God failed them. People of God, I am sharing this testimony to the shame of the devil, my baby is one month old and I gave birth to her on the month of praise. Indeed the Lord has given me a new song to sing, a hymn to praise our God.

Death Humiliated after Soul Winning

Praise the Lord!
Last week Monday, my sister called my mum and told her that she (my sister) was at the hospital, due for her delivery (child birth) in the next 5 minutes. Later I was called that she has given birth to a baby girl.

I was out on outreach (soul winning) but when I returned, my elder sister who visited the hospital where my sister (who just gave birth) was, told me that the baby had not yet cried (as was expected) and she was not breathing.

The doctors tried their best but to no avail (solution was not forthcoming). My elder sister then took the "Blood of sprinkling" that she collected from church (as was instructed by the Resident Pastor), and applied it on the baby.
Behold! The baby immediately started breathing and she cried.
Glory be to God!

Divine Intervention

I want to thank the God of Bishop David Oyedepo for intervening in the crisis that rocked my financial entitlement.
Early January, I was informed that my money was ready and I divulged the information to my colleagues. To my surprise, all my colleagues received theirs but I did not get mine. January passed I was not paid, February passed the same thing. When I called the office responsible, they began to shift blames, and I sensed the hand of the devil. Immediately, I intimated my pastor, Pastor Israel Olajide, who instructed me on what to do.

Meanwhile, all these time, I have been involved in the"Operation By All Means".
Behold! Just yesterday (March 22, 2016), at the conclusion of the morning outreach, Pastor Israel Olajide prayed and prophesied that for everyone who has participated, God has granted our heart desires; I answered "Amen".
As we were sharing the benediction, I received an alert in my phone. As soon as we finished sharing the benediction, I checked my phone, only to see that the money I was expecting has been paid. I give all the glory to God.
From Glory To Glory!


Indeed, God has already changed my level. Nobody works in God's House and go without being rewarded. It is better to put all your trust in God than to put your trust in man. The God of Winners Chapel has really changed my status and that of my family.

  1. He started by saving me from operation (surgery) through the communion.
  2. He gave my husband a miracle job after nine (9) years of joblessness.
  3. He gave my family a new apartment without struggle.
  4. He gave my children academic success and made them pass their exams with wonderful results.
  5. He gave me a miracle job that was long awaited for.
  6. He blessed my family with a car without stress.
Is this God not too much? Indeed He is a God of next levels!

Miracle Job Via Soul Winning

I have come to return all the glory to the God of this commission for His faithfulness. My daughter has been believing God for another job for a while now. When the "Wonder Double" agenda (phase 3) began, she participated fully and won three souls with two of them established now. She was miraculously called for an interview by an international organisation.

During the process of selection, I came to meet the resident pastor, Pastor Israel Olajide, who prayed for her and also anointed her pictures.

After two weeks of intensive induction course, she phoned to inform me that she was successful and she came out fifth out of fifty participants. She has since commenced work.
Indeed, our God is a REWARDER of them that diligently seek Him.
I return all the glory to God Almighty.

Thanks Be To God For Divine Healing

I want to magnify the name of the Lord our God for divine healing from uncontrollable high blood pressure. For some time now, I have been having this health challenge which have become a huge source of concern to me. However, I applied the various kingdom mysteries such as communion, the mantle, etc. I also engaged in soul winning when the "Wonder Double" agenda was declared. I have gone for several outreaches and also prayed for kingdom advancement/enlargement.

One night, I had a dream that I was going for outreach and I met with the man of God, Pastor Israel Olajide. As soon as he saw me, he started sprinkling the blood of Jesus on me. When I woke up in the morning, I went to check my blood pressure, and found out that it has gone back to normal.

I also want to glorify God for financial favour from angels I did not expect such favour to come from.
I sincerely appreciate God for His faithfulness, love and mercy.
Praise God!

2016 Prophetic Agenda At Work

The 2016 prophetic agenda is working. God has turned my mourning into dancing and has made me to laugh (giving me victory over my enemies just like Sarah);

  1. God took me from a self-contained apartment to a two-bedroom apartmen.
  2. God gave me a beautiful & lovely wife.
  3. God gave us a beautiful miracle baby.
Please, do not joke with prophecy from this altar.
Thank you Jesus!

God has done it Again.

After graduating from the higher institution, it was time to go for National Youth Service but something went wrong. When I went back to school to do my clearance, I was told that my records were missing. When I insisted thorough check should be done I was ordered out of the office. After one of the services I attended, I told God that He said in His word that there shall be no loss of life and property, and this I keyed into.

Our Pastor also prophesied that anything you have lost shall be recovered. To cut the story short, I returned back to the school with full faith. I went to the first office and they said, "...we just treated your case now, we have found your record, you can now go and do clearance and you will be going for the National Youth Service".

Financial Breakthrough Via Soul Winning

During the "Operation By All Means", God miraculously paid our rent that has been due for over two months. We had heard of testimonies of how God has been blessing people involved in the "Operation By All Means", so we told God that if truly He is the one that called Bishop David Oyedepo, we shall also be miraculously blessed via our involvement in the "Operation By All Means".

We followed every instruction from the Resident Pastor, we got ourselves involved in the task day and night (going out to win souls and praying for them).
Shortly, God showed up by using somebody to bless us miraculously. God, you are too much!